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Seafood Specialities

Garlic Chilli Maas

Pieces of cod prepared in a thick medium sauce with freshly roasted garlic, green chillies tomatoes and fresh coriander.

Salmon Biraan

Pan-fried salmon steak with olive oil, slightly spiced, garnished with onions, tomatoes, garlic, whole green chillies and fresh herbs. Accompanied with chef's special curry sauce.

Machley Jal-Fry

Bangladeshi fish cooked in a hot spicy sauce with fresh chillies, onions and peppers with olive oil.

Ruposhi Maas

Combination of unique eastern flavoured spices cooked with western-water dish in a rich blend of fresh coriander and tomatoes with finely chopped garlic and special bangla garnish to give a strong eastern flavour.

Machley Masala

The nations favourite dish cooked with chunks of Fanghash fish. A delicious blend of cream, almonds and coconut based creamy sauce. Mild and slightly sweet curry.

Maas Biran Delux

Fangash fish fried with medium spice, served dry with a curry sauce of your choice.

Maas Balti

Fangash fish fried with medium spices, balti sauce, onion, green pepper and a mixture of aromatic spices.

Salmon & Prawn Salsa Karahi

Salmon and baby prawns cooked with spring onions in a karahi sauce and salsa sauce to add a bit of a zing.